Webcomics: The Highs and Wows

by matt

Just a note, if you’re at TCAF this weekend, I’m on a panel Saturday at 2pm discussing Webcomics: The Hows and Whys.

Panelists include: Danielle Corsetto, Meredith Gran, Chris Hastings, Ryan North, R Stevens and Jeffrey Rowland.

These guys have all built empires out of their webcomics, so I’m as curious as anyone to see what I can add to the conversation.

And at 3pm Karl & Brenden are doing a Transmission-X launch panel with Darwyn Cooke moderating. (Karl’s yeti web-comic, The Abominable Charles Christopher is getting awesomer every week – Next TCAF, there should be a panel on yeti web-comics; it is really an under-represented genre).

The events listing is really quite overwhelming. James Jean and Paul Pope doing something in the same room, Darwyn Cooke doing an effective storytelling workshop, Chris Butcher talking to Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer – and there’s a special emphasis on manga this year.

I wonder if anyone is recording / podcasting this stuff. I would love to spend the whole two days going from event to event.